General partner

Motorola Solutions

Motorola Solutions (MSI) develops innovative solutions for professional communications and critical data analytics. The company offers communication facilities, dispatch software, video surveillance, and analytics systems, maintenance, and support services all across the world.

MSI products and services are applicable to public safety, government, and business sectors. The international vendor’s customers are located in 100+ countries across the world.

Elcomplus has been an official partner of Motorola Solutions since 1997. The mutually developed digital dispatch software is used in radio communication and automation in 85+ countries.

Elcomplus has a global network of international vendor partners.

Cooperation with Motorola Solutions

  • Licensed software developer since 2007

    For 13 years, Elcomplus has been developing the software apps for MSI professional radios.

  • SmartPTT for MOTOTRBO since 2009

    Dispatch software SmartPTT for MOTOTRBO digital telecommunications platform by MSI expands the capabilities of DMR radio systems through interconnection, visualization and data analytics

  • Specific solutions for DMR systems since 2010

    Specific solutions based on MSI equipment and SmartPTT dispatch software help build digital radio communication systems for particular business tasks

  • Business automation with MSI controllers since 2011

    Elcomplus uses ACE3600 controller by MSI to develop and upgrade industrial automation systems

  • SmartPTT PLUS for MOTOTRBO since 2014

    SmartPTT PLUS dispatch solution for MOTOTRBO helps build multichannel and multi-site radio communication systems for voice and data transmission

  • Accredited platinum partner since 2015

    Elcomplus’ status in PartnerEmpower™ is confirmed by its expertise and  certification of the company’s staff

  • SmartPTT Express for DIMETRA since 2018

    SmartPTT Express software for DIMETRA communication platform is used to build Tetra systems at facilities with many subscribers