100+ participants visited the webinar about No-code SCADA for value added creation

September 2021
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On September 16, there was a SCADA: No-code and other modern tools for value added creation webinar related to the modern no-code SCADA solutions. The main topic was system integrators’ challenges in SCADA implementation, and comparing traditional and No-code SCADA. Over 100 system integrators visited the event.

The event embraced modern SCADA solutions and no-code systems overview, including SmartPTT’s offspring — SCADA/IIoT SmartICS. The event gathered a lot of system integrators, offered new opportunities, and provided a great boost to participants’ knowledge.

SmartPTT partners and system integrators from South-East Asia and the Middle East showed a huge interest in the topic. Participants wanted to know about the traditional vs. No-code SCADA budget comparison and the compatibility of No-code solutions and existing SCADA systems.

The event was recorded: follow the link to watch a video.

The speaker has demonstrated a live DEMO of the modern No-code SCADA. He showed its user-friendly interface and the opportunities it offers. Participants asked about devices suitable for Web Access function and No-code solution benefits.

At the end of the event, listeners shared their opinion. They noted new useful approaches to the SCADA system, easiness of system configuration, and convenient Web Access use.

SmartICS platform is totally compatible with SmartPTT dispatch solutions. It can help collect more data, make an installation easier, and enhance the overall efficiency. SmartICS demo access is available for request on the product website.

There are more webinars to come. Don’t miss the next event on web solutions in SCADA and their advantages. The invite will be included in our monthly newsletter.

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