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September 2021
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UNESCO and the UN work to provide safe, nonviolent, inclusive, and effective learning environments for all. While having continuous safety tasks — preventing assaults, robberies, and violence, the world faces the risk of school shootings and terrorism. Talking about this, Campus Safety magazine notes that ensuring campus safety is a new world trend. The International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators suggests the following solutions as a must: video surveillance installment, safety mobile applications implementation, and the use of Smart Technologies. SmartPTT is a solution responding to these recommendations. 

Security enhancements

Research by Frontiers Scientific magazine shows that teenagers mental health has decreased due to Covid-19 isolation. So the risk of aggression and violence grows. This means, that school campuses have to enhance their security systems and services. The number of world Higher Education entities having professional security staff comes up to 75%. These security crews may count as dozens of professionals.

Modern security management practices, heightened employee awareness, and enhancing the response times can improve school safety. Based on MOTOTRBO radio networks, the SmartPTT digital dispatch system is able to provide all the needed tools to enhance safety.

SmartPTT Job Ticketing helps to arrange quick and accurate tasks. Voice Recording and Event Logging provide important data for analysis, incident investigation, and personnel work assessment based on the data received. These features enable dispatchers to build a cohesive and efficient team.

With the SmartPTT Mobile App, personnel may inform the dispatcher about an incident in seconds.  As for security services, it provides fast and convenient two-way communication and main radio functions. The application enables campus administration to expand the dispatch system without purchasing additional costly equipment.

Counter-terrorism opportunities

Terrorists mostly choose open, crowded spaces to attack. For example, two students in Columbine back in 1999 started their act of aggression in a lunchroom.

SmartPTT features help security officers to work in such crowded spaces. The high-quality sound and connection enable them to hear each other even in very noisy places, such as stadiums. Group calls allow arranging tasks efficiently, and Indoor Location guarantees security workers are on site. With the GPS Location feature, the dispatcher can easily locate the closest security staff and send them to assist a colleague in distress.

With support for Avigilon camera systems, the SmartPTT dispatcher can view connected cameras to gain situational awareness of emergencies. This helps dispatchers respond more quickly and accurately to an emergency.

If a radio becomes compromised (e.g. lost or stolen), the dispatcher can disable the radio, but still track the location of the radio as well as remotely listening in on the radio. In the case of a hostage situation and a radio is compromised, dispatchers can listen in on the background, but the hostage taker cannot listen in on school communications. With lost or stolen radios, the GPS still reports its location even when disabled. This way security officers can work to retrieve the radio. 

The Cross-Patch feature enables security staff at schools to interoperate with first responders in case of an emergency at a school.

The SmartPTT dispatch solution is available for both digital and analog radio systems. SmartPTT’s RG-1000e Radio Gateway helps connect different types of radio systems. Thus, these different radio types can be connected together and dispatch can manage communications between them. The user-friendly dispatch console interface doesn’t require previous dispatch experience and learning it can take a matter of minutes or hours.

Digital dispatch systems increase security services response speed by up to 25–30% while making unwanted events less possible to happen.

SmartPTT solutions all over the world

SmartPTT has already enhanced safety in many schools, colleges, and universities all around the world. A good example is Shenzhen Polytechnic in China.

Two university campuses are equipped with MOTOTRBO radio systems and controlled with SmartPTT dispatch. The total campus area is 2.5 square kilometers. Over 50 employees use the solution in their work. Read more here

While enhancing safety, SmartPTT is also used for educational purposes. Elcomplus has provided SmartPTT for educational purposes in universities and colleges. As an example, the School of Electrical Engineering at the University of Belgrade in Serbia.

SmartPTT annually helps 4500 students learn to use and control dispatch systems. The integrated software provides all main dispatch features: voice calls, event logging, location, telemetry, etc. Read more here

SmartPTT continuously enhances its quality and develops new features to improve safety for all of our customers. All software is certificated and ready to be installed and used right away.

If you need a dispatching solution for your educational facility, please contact us or learn more at SmartPTT website.

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