Meet New Elcomplus’ SmartPTT 9.9 Release

July 2021
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In the new Release 9.9 of SmartPTT: increased security and significant Mobile Client improvements, better MNIS support, and other important updates. Check out all features of the updated solution with the demo version of the product.

Enhanced Dispatch Console Security

Elcomplus has increased the security of the Dispatch Console settings and its administration by introducing a password for the administrator account required when the application is first started.

Better MNIS Data Gateway Support

 The updated SmartPTT has expanded support for the MOTOTRBO™ MNIS data gateway:

  • Now it is possible to have multiple radio systems (IP Site Connect or Linked Capacity Plus) connected via the same MNIS; it allows to significantly save on infrastructure.
  • It is available to connect to MNIS via TCP interface – the current solution recommended by Motorola Solutions.
  • Now, MNIS is displayed with a dedicated icon in the network topology diagram; it helps to increase the control over the infrastructure.

Phone Emergency Calls

In the 9.9 release, we have significantly improved the Mobile Client. One of the most important added features is emergency calls for SmartPTT Mobile users. Thanks to this function, the dispatcher always knows if employees have an emergency. Emergency calls are prioritized over regular ones, thus allowing to effectively manage responses to the emergency.

Text Messages

In the 9.9 release, SmartPTT Mobile users can communicate via text messages. Messages are grouped by the recipient (private and group), for each message its delivery status is displayed. The user has access to the history of messaging within each of the groups.

Important Voice Calls Only

In this release, we have added a mute function for voice calls. Now you can leave the sound on only for calls from radio subscribers, groups, and users of the mobile application you are interested in. You can mute the sound both for calls from individual contacts and from all contacts at once.

Phone Hard Buttons Preset

Android users can now assign PTT and Emergency to hardware volume buttons on the device. Using the button on the smartphone body makes it much more convenient to switch between receiving and transmitting modes. This makes the process of initiating a call similar to that of a two-way radio.

Operator Comfort

We have also improved general support for various HID devices; it makes it possible to equip the operator’s workplace with the desired dispatch and audio accessories, providing a more comfortable working environment.

Any questions? Contact SmartPTT technical support team — we are always ready to answer them.

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