Elcomplus exhibits SmartPTT and SmartICS at the most important Middle East tech show GITEX–2021 

October 2021
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Last Sunday, GITEX Technology Week in Dubai started. SmartPTT and SmartICS teams participate in the event too. This week, meet our colleagues at the H2-E24 booth at Dubai World Trade Center.

Exhibition participants showed a big interest in SmartPTT and SmartICS solutions, so our product teams have arranged several individual meetings already. Despite the individual meetings and booth demonstrations, we plan to showcase our solutions in public. And we will be happy to share our knowledge with you!

We will speak about our solutions today, October 19th, at the H3-A20 booth located nearby the Russian exposition.

2 PM Dubai time (GMT+4), SmartICS Business Development Director, Igor Gritco, is going to speak about SCADA/IIoT SmartICS platform. You will hear about the difference between no-code and traditional SCADA, modern SCADA solutions benefits, and more. Additionally, Igor is going to share our integration experience.

4 PM (GMT+4), SmartPTT representative Alex Skripin will speak about dispatch solutions featuring automation capabilities. How to make dispatchers work easier? Can some processes be automated? Learn about all this at the SmartPTT presentation.

If you want to meet personally and discuss our solutions in detail, please fill in the form, and we will be happy to provide a personal demonstration.

GITEX Global – 2021 is a unique event. First time in 40 years, it embraced innovative product developers from all over the world.

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