Elcomplus team has exhibited SmartPTT at PMRExpo 2021

December 2021
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Our team was showcasing SmartPTT at PMRExpo 2021 in Cologne last week. The main insight of the event is that the most discussed things now are mobile and web solutions. We proved that our dispatch system covers these needs! SmartPTT booth visitors shared that the solution meets the requirements of high dispatch speed, solution mobility, and flexibility.

Over 170 key players of telecommunications and professional communications from all over the world have participated in the PMRExpo exhibition this year. We have presented SmartPTT product at our personal booth. The team met every PMRExpo participant and demonstrated the SmartPTT to potential partners and integrators. Other meetings will be conducted online, this week and later.

Amongst all, the companies working in the telecommunications, oil and gas industry, security, and government services have visited PMRExpo this year. All around the world, SmartPTT works successfully in these industries and other fields. Check out more on our Use Cases page.

The main topic of the event was mobile professional communications (POC), web solutions, rules and alerts functionality benefits, and the demand for cost-reducing solutions applicable to small projects. And SmartPTT meets these needs.

SmartPTT booth guests witnessed the demonstration of the SmartPTT web client, and asked about other capabilities of SmartPTT. They emphasized that the solution covers the main trending demands, as it is easy to access it via the Internet from anywhere with 3G.

The team has also demonstrated the SmartPTT rules and notifications functionality. The capabilities of the solution are tailored to make the workflow and management more efficient and comply with the safety demands.

In the fast-changing world, people need more with less time spent. The exhibitors noted that the capabilities of SmartPTT make it possible to speed up the workflow and quickly achieve the necessary goals.

“At the exhibition, we learned once again that the SmartPTT solution is a highly demanded product. We offer speed, cost savings, and manageability”

Sergey Kukharenko,

Head of Software Sales Department

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2000+ people have visited PMRExpo 2021. Telecommunications giants from all corners of the world have shown their products and shared their ideas. This exhibition is one of the largest industry-related events in Europe. See you at PMRExpo again!

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