SmartPTT Enterprise 9.10 Release from Elcomplus: new features and enhanced opportunities

November 2021
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We are happy to announce that the new SmartPTT 9.10 Release is out. We have added new useful features for enhancing your employees’ and assets’ safety, better manageability, and more.

Subfleets of Clients


Create a separate communication space for your fleets, and manage every group more efficiently, assigning a separate operator to each. The subscribers will still belong to the united company network while working in one separate group.

This approach will help you distribute responsibilities correctly, make the operating workflow more efficient, strengthen the safety of confidential information.

This feature is a must when you need to assign one dispatcher to separate groups. If the employee is involved in the work of two or more groups, they can exchange data with both, while being operated by the same dispatcher. Save your resources with accurate tasks and responsibility distribution.

Proximity alerts

Prevent clashes and avoid accidents by configuring the proximity rules with SmartPTT 9.10 Dynamic Geofencing feature. These rules will control the distance between your vehicles and employees. The system will alert an employee, a dispatcher, and a vehicle driver, about the potential threat. 

The accurate fence/border deviation control makes logistics coordination more accurate and enhances other operational processes.

Private Voice Notifications


New SmartPTT 9.10 release offers automated private voice alerts. The feature is aimed to make your employees safe in any emergency. 

When the rule is breached, your employee will get a call with a pre-recorded personalized voice notification. This means, instead of standard general notification, they will get fast individual alerts about a danger.



For better safety, it is forbidden to create a no-password account with free access.

We have added aliases granting functionality. Create your own aliases, and manage your employees with no confuses. Another option is to check the report: there you can find the last known GPS coordinates of the offline terminal.

Guaranteed technical support: the SmartPTT installer now contains the latest remote help software instance.

Find detailed info about Release 9.10 features and enhancements in the Release Notes. Learn more on the SmartPTT website. Request a personal meeting, where we will be happy to share more details on the new Release capabilities. Ask us a question via the feedback form, or contact us in any convenient way.

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