SmartPTT coordinates the work of 700 oilfield workers in Indonesia and enhances their safety

September 2021
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SmartPTT PLUS solution coordinates work processes at Sumatra and Java

Elcomplus and Harrissma (our Indonesian partner) have implemented a new integrated solution in the strategically significant SES and NWJ regions of Indonesia, held by a major oil and gas Pertamina Hulu Energi company. The solution is based on Motorola’s Capacity Plus Multi-Site trunked radio system and Elcomplus’ SmartPTT PLUS software. As a result, more than 700 oil and gas production employees have gained new capabilities in their communications system. These capabilities enhance worker safety and help raise the overall efficiency of working processes.


Pertamina PHE is a branch of a major Indonesian oil and gas company, Pertamina. It produces oil in 50 oil regions. Two of these regions modernized their radio systems in 2020: they are North of Java and Southeast of Sumatra. Pertamina PHE produces oil on Java and prepares oil production equipment to work on Sumatra. MOTOTRBO radio systems in Capacity Plus Multi-Site configuration and SmartPTT PLUS dispatcher software were integrated on two islands.

«The company used analog radio systems before, but the analog system did not satisfy today’s challenges…»

Valentina Kartika 

Project Manager, PT Harrisma Informatika Jaya




  • The need to reach any radio subscriber from a landline or mobile phone
  • Work on land and at sea

  • SmartPTT PLUS
  • MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus Multi-Site

Capacity Plus Multi-Site solution makes it possible to communicate across a wide area by linking adjoining single sites. It enables just a few dispatchers to control communications over a large territory. The system resolves such challenges as workers’ safety, work process control, and analysis.

Getting “Rock tar” from the sea, oil workers often work alone. It is essential to keep in contact with each of these workers.

A Capacity Plus Multi-Site trunking system enables a radio network to cover a large territory. This means, regardless of where the worker is located, the dispatcher knows what is happening and is able to respond to workers’ needs.

Due to fast communication, malfunction can be noticed early, and the needed actions will be done, It saves lives, and even prevents such disasters as an oil spill. Radio communication quality is crucial for oil and gas companies.


regions covered



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Forty repeaters were installed to adequately cover the large territory. More than 700 oil platform workers on land and at sea got new radios.

SmartPTT PLUS software was deployed at pre-installed automated workplaces. The flexible  user interface can be customized to the needs of each individual dispatcher. The most often used features can be placed on the custom console and eliminate those that aren’t needed. This enabled a fast deployment and configuration of the system for the customer.

Various departments benefited from the solution’s features: Safety Services, IT, and Administration. In particular, the event and voice logging enabled the safety services to control the work process flow. The Administration staff can analyze employees’ efficiency and workload based on data from the reporting tools.



  • GPS Tracking
  • Events and Voice Logging
  • Phone Interconnect
  • User-friendly interface/UX
  • Technical Support available day and night


With the new communication system, Petramina dispatchers are now able:

  • to know the GPS location of employees to better manage work efficiency.
  • to call radios from a mobile or landline phone using the telephone interconnect feature to help resolve urgent issues faster.
  • to log events and voice records to better analyze incidents and improve work processes.
  • to monitor the network topology, run repeater diagnostic & radio server control from a dispatcher console.

The employees working as “lone workers” can now be more sure of their safety: 

  • The dispatcher always knows where an employee is located for a faster response if an emergency occurs.
  • The workers may any moment call dispatcher: the emergency channel is always free, as the digital radio network doubles the number of channels.

«With a help of MOTOTRBO + SmartPTT monitoring system, Pertamina can be more effective & efficient, and as a result, reduce unnecessary costs…»

Valentina Kartika 

Project Manager, PT Harrisma Informatika Jaya

Not just for system administrators: any dispatcher can contact Elcomplus technical support day-and-night via email or telephone.


MOTOTRBO solutions work for oil and gas companies all around the world. SmartPTT software is integrated in more than 80 countries including Russia, Chile, and Brazil.

Not only for Oil and Gas: SmartPTT also works in Public Safety, Energy, Sport, Industrial, and many other markets. Find more interesting solutions on our website.

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