Professional digital communication

Professional digital communication

Modernization and building of professional communication systems: from engineering and design to commissioning and solution support

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From traditional technological communication systems to modern multifunctional and complex digital solutions

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  • Operational control

    Decisions made in reliance upon operating data. Incident analysis and preventive actions arrangement. Data backup on an auxilary server. Remote monitoring and radio networks analysis to minimize sudden system malfunction and downtime.

  • Cost optimization

    Flexible integration of solutions into existing infrastructure. Overcoming the limited frequency resource due to capabilities of digital radio communication. Mobile app solutions which allow radio subscriber growth without purchasing additional equipment. Work resources optimization of through efficient distribution of production tasks.

  • Resources and personnel control

    Production process and employees monitoring. Work tasks status track through the reports and event log.

  • Safety

    Notifying a radio subscriber about entering a hazardous production area. Immediate notifications of the dispatcher about an employee in an emergency. Radio subscriber location (inside and outside the premises) and prompt response to emergencies.

  • Regulations compliance

    Systems application complies with the safety requirements of Federal Law 116, RF Government Resolutions No. 458, 969 and Rostekhnadzor Decree 599

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